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    Macbook Pro Retina and Lightroom CC issues

    juang18801013 Level 1

      I recently purchased a MBP 15" retina mid 2014 from Apple. Specs:

      El Capitan

      16GB DDR3

      512GB Flash

      Nvidia 750


      I purchased the Macbook for light photo editing on the go for my business. I mainly use Lightroom CC and Photoshop on it and what I have noticed is that after 10 or 5 mins of clicking through my photos on Lightroom, the fan kicks into high gear and starts spinning near full power. I used Activity Monitor to see the CPU % Lightroom CC is using, and it spikes up to 660! I realize Lightroom CC is a very intensive program, but just scrolling through photos casue teh fan to kick and the computer to get really hot. This is my first Macbook Pro so I'm not too familiar with their capabilities, but is this normal? Should it really be heating up, when all I'm doing is scrolling through photos on Lightroom CC. I'd like to know if other people have had similar issues or experience. I quite like using my Macbook over my PC now, so i really do not want to go back to my PC .


      MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), OS X El Capitan (10.11.3)