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    Acrobat Pro X Freezing Problem

    Salmon Gram

      First off, I just want to say how absolutely furious I am with Adobe's chat "support".  Their communication is terrible, and their service is nothing sort of atrocious.  They do nothing but continuously try to send you back to the forums.  Two days in a row I have had to contact them, and two days in a row I have been let down.


      On that note, I am having a terrible time with my Acrobat Pro.  I'm using version 10.1.16 for Mac.  I have created a form in Microsoft Word 2011, which I saved as a PDF, as I have done countless times in the past.  Today however, after I choose the Edit function from the Forms section, it does the usual process of finding all the fields which allow for input.  Once this has finished, I delete one of the text boxes and try to replace it with a dropdown menu.  I will select dropdown, and position the box where I want it, and from there, the whole program just locks up.  I cant do anything further except a Force Quit.  I have attempted this countless times and even rebooted my system with no luck.


      Is anyone else having this problem, or perhaps have a solution or any tips I could try?  This is very frustrating.

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          yatharth vikrams88909384 Level 1



          Please provide the exact dot version of acrobat pro installed on your system & also check  whether is this happening with only one document or with all.Also check if there is any update available for Acrobat Pro after going through 'Help > check for updates' .

          If it's happening with all the documents, try these solutions:-


          ** Restore Preferences:-


          1.From finder,please navigate to Go >Go to folder > Library,from here under the preferences folder remove all the ".plist" files for acrobat .

          2. Then from Go to folder > ~Library, from here under the preferences folder remove all the ".plist" files for acrobat .


          Check with different user account as well & see what happens if its keep happening after restoring the preferences .




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            Salmon Gram Level 1

            I am using Acrobat Pro 10.1.16 for Mac OS

            There are no updates available when I check.  This morning, I even completely uninstalled CS6, and reinstalled using my software disc.  Once installed, prior to updating, I attempted this again, and again the program locked up.  I then updated the program, tried again, and still no change.  Program freezes, and I have to force quit out.  This is happening with 2 forms I created.  I built them in Word, and saved them as PDF files.  Both yield the same results.


            I tried your recommendation of removing all .plist files, and that did not work either.  Program still locks up, and all I can do is force quit out

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              yatharth vikrams88909384 Level 1



              Please check with different user account & see what happens.Refer to this Article in creating new user account on MAC :- https://support.apple.com/kb/PH18891?locale=en_US




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                Salmon Gram Level 1

                This did not work either.

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                  yatharth vikrams88909384 Level 1



                  Please check with root user account & see what happen over there. Refer to this Article in enabling the root user :- https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT204012




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                    Salmon Gram Level 1

                    I am not following how this pertains to my issue?  There is only one user account on this Mac.  I created a test one, which I have since deleted, just to test your recommendation of trying it on a different user.  I don't see how adjusting these kind of user settings on the computer will cause or even affect me just trying to add a dropdown menu to a PDF document.  I truly appreciate the help and advice you offered, but I would rather not start tampering with user accounts and the like over an Adobe issue.

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                      yatharth vikrams88909384 Level 1



                      Would like to inform you that in root user we check whether is there any concern with the profile (permissions & ownership) or some thing wrong with the software. I will appreciate you to please check the behavior of the software in Root user account .




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                        Salmon Gram Level 1

                        Again, I do not feel comfortable tampering within the user account, not do I still see how this has any effect whatsoever on the problem I am having.  The problem is with Acrobat Pro itself, not on the user side.  I am still able to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign without issue.  I can assure you that nothing at all has changed with any permissions or ownership.  In fact, prior to today when I completely reinstalled the CS6 suite (without issue), I couldn't even tell you the last time I even had (or did) an update or installed something on this Mac.  The problem I am having started yesterday (January 27th).


                        If you have any other advice or recommendations on how or why Acrobat Pro completely locks up and freezes when I am trying to do nothing more than add a dropdown field to a form I want to make editable (something I have had absolutely no issue with prior to yesterday), I will gladly hear it, but I will not mess with and/or tamper with root user settings, that have never been touched or changed.

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                          Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

                          What exact point version of OS X are you running? Also, can you provide crash log details?

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                            Salmon Gram Level 1

                            I never receive a crash log. Not from the Adobe software. Occasionally after I force quit the program, I will see the "send error report" window from the Mac. Is that the info you are looking for?  I am on OS X El Capitan 10.11.3

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                              Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

                              You can see all the crash logs that were produced by your applications when you open the "Console" application. You can find that application in /Applications/Utilities - so open your Finder, and go to the "Applications" folder, from there go to "Utilities" and double-click on the "Console" application. Once the application is open, expand the section "User Diagnostics Reports":



                              Here you will see all crash dumps listed in alphabetical order. Look for the ones labeled with "AdobeAcrobat". When you right-click (or Cmd-click) on one of these, you get different options:




                              You can email the selected crash log, or you can reveal it in Finder. Once you know where it is stored on your computer, you can then e.g. upload it to a service like DropBox or Adobe's Document Cloud and then share the link here. Because this comes up quite frequently, I've written up a tutorial about how to upload and share using the Document Cloud service: Share Documents via Adobe's Document Cloud - KHKonsulting LLC


                              Keep in mind that a crash log is only produced if a true crash happens, so if the application just freezes and sits there on your desktop without doing anything, you don't have a crash and therefore no crash log.

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                                Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

                                When the application has crashed, the crash log can be obtained by clicking on "Report" on 1st dialog and then on "Show Details" on 2nd dialog. The dialog will display a crash log (typically logged into ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/). Just copy and attach the complete log as mentioned in above steps.

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                                  Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

                                  Did you recently update your OS to El Capitan?

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                                    Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

                                    Application freezes are very hard to debug and fix (as long as you are not a developer with access to the correct debug environment). Here are some general debugging tips from Adobe about application freezes on a Mac: https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/troubleshoot-system-errors-freezes-mac.html

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                                      Salmon Gram Level 1

                                      This Mac has been on El Capitan since day one at the end of September 2015.


                                      I just ran Acrobat again to recreate the problem and look up the crash log.  The program never actually crashes.  It just freezes indefinitely.  I let it sit today for the longest amount of time, which was 25+ minutes to see if it would eventually crash, but it never did.  The other times prior, I only let them sit for around 5 minutes.  All I can do when this happens is force quit out of it.  When I right click on the dock icon to do this or open the Force Quit menu, it displays "Not Responding for the program.

                                      There is nothing listed in regards to Acrobat listed.  Here is a screenshot of my Console window immediately after doing the force quit:

                                      Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.56.21 AM.png


                                      To touch on khkremer's response, I looked over that link you recommended and these are the items I have done:

                                      - update application (Acrobat had already been updated to the latest version.  I use this program often, so I keep up with it and check for updates frequently, and update when available)

                                      - I double checked the languages preferences just to be sure, and that is fine  *side note, a lot of the links and pages that i'm sent or have looked at while doing my own research use screenshots that are captured on older versions of Mac OS and do not match the current OS.  Some are minor changes, where others have different names or completely different layouts (in this instance, where the link directs you to Languages & Text, it is now called Languages & Region)

                                      - Mac OS is up to date (10.11.3), with the most recent one being last week (after my problem with Acrobat had started).

                                      - I am always logged in as the administrator, and it is the only user account on this.

                                      - I have uninstalled Acrobat completely, and reinstalled it using my CS6 disc.  When I still had the same problem afterwards, I completely uninstalled CS6, and did a fresh install from the disc.  When I did this, I rebooted after both uninstalling and reinstalling the programs.

                                      **To touch on updates and installations.  Prior to updating my Mac OS last week, and then the uninstalling and reinstalling of Acrobat and CS6, these are the first updates or installations that had been done on this Mac in at least a couple weeks**

                                      - I have repaired disk permission in disk utilities also

                                      - I attempted to restore preferences in Acrobat.  I do not know if this was successful or not however.  Once I double clicked on the program, I immediately hold down CMD-Shift-Option and the program opens normally and quickly.  Once I opened it, I also searched for Restore Preferences, which yielded no results.  I also searched for just "restore" (minus quotes), as well as Reset Preferences just to be sure.


                                      A few of the other ones listed I did not try or attempt, as they didn't seem relevant or related to my issue, given the page is troubleshooting for Adobe software in general, and not specific to Acrobat.


                                      I hope this provides enough information for you.

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                                        Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

                                        Are you willing to try uninstalling CS6 one more time?


                                        Here is the problem with a "normal" re-install: When you uninstall software, there is always some "crud" that stays on the system. Sometimes that's a good thing: The computer may remember your serial number, or some settings you've used the last time you had this package installed. When it comes to fixing problems, that is however now such a great idea: If your problem is caused - or triggered - by information in that "crud", you have a problem.


                                        Adobe has the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool that will get rid of that crud. You can find download instructions and instructions about how to use this tool here: Use the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems


                                        This may still not fix your problem, but in that case, we can then be pretty sure that the problem is not caused by anything that Acrobat (or the rest of CS6) brings to the table, the problem is then most likely caused by something that is either part of your operating system, or part of some other application on your computer. In that case, I don't think we can help any further.

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                                          Salmon Gram Level 1

                                          As much as i'd rather not go through the process of uninstalling and re-installing, I will give it a try since I need to be able to use this program, and this is holding up a lot of work for me.


                                          I'm not following your final statement there, however.  This is a plain as day obvious issue with Adobe Acrobat, that just started last week.  Prior to this, it has always worked fine, and at at least for now, I have no other issues whatsoever with any of the other Adobe programs I use daily.  You're telling me that if I uninstall and reinstall as you directed, which I have already done once, minus using the cleaning tool, and that doesn't work, that somehow automatically implies it a computer issue, and not in fact the program?  Are you aware of the actual issue I am having?  I am trying to utilize what I thought was a very basic and simple feature of an Adobe program.  All I want to do is place a dropdown box into a form I am creating.  That's all.  There is nothing system intensive or so elaborate going on with my computer to cause this or to try to take blame away from the actual problem, which is Acrobat itself.  This is my secondary computer that is used only for work, running only programs needed for such, which are CS6, Microsoft Office, and a program for my scanner.  That is it.  I can assure you, the issue does not reside in the computer, especially when taking into account the actual problem I am having, which is with an Adobe program and one of the features it is used for.  I could understand if my problem was much greater and more problematic to the point of crashing, or hardware issues, but not for this minute simple problem.


                                          I apologize if I am coming off as slightly rude and coarse, but I have already had to deal with the absolutely awful awful awful chat "support" before going to Twitter, and now here, and now to hear that if an uninstall/reinstall doesn't work, it'll somehow automatically be an issue with my Mac.  A Mac that aside from the problem I am having with this small feature within Adobe Acrobat only, and not Apple, not Microsoft, or any other company, has not had a single issue.  Having worked in tech-support in various capacities, I know that the default go-to when a problem can't be resolved is to blame everything but the program itself.  I can't imagine something as simple as trying to place a dropdown menu into a form could in any way be caused my a hardware issue or anything other than the program itself.

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                                            Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

                                            Before we go any further, I'd like you to understand that I don't work for Adobe, I am a user of Adobe's products, just like you. This means that I don't care if this is a bug (or more general, a problem) with Acrobat, or if it's caused by anything else in the system. I don't have a problem pointing out problems that may exist in Acrobat if I know of them. All I am interested in is getting you back to a working system.


                                            You are right, when you talk to tech support, oftentimes the - as you say - default go-to is to blame something else. We are not tech support, and we are also not talking about the shooting from the hip blame somebody else. All I did was to say "if it's not fixed, then the problem is very likely somewhere else".


                                            I know that it's a hassle to uninstall everything and install from scratch, but at this time that's what I would do: Uninstall, run the Cleaner and then install again.


                                            Once the Cleaner application is used on a computer, anything related to any of the Adobe applications you have installed should be removed from your computer. So if the problem shows up again after you re-install from DVD, it is very unlikely that anything that came from the DVD is causing this problem (because it has worked before). It's also very unlikely that anything that survived the uninstall process is causing the problems, because the Cleaner should have taken care of that. That leaves other things on our computer. I am not saying that it's impossible that the reason is still in Acrobat, it's just very unlikely. It is for example possible that there is a bug in the application that for some strange reason only gets triggered after 1/20/2016 - but, if that were the case, you would very likely not be the only one seeing this problem. It's more likely that when you add that dropdown control, Acrobat requires something from the operating system (e.g. a font), and something goes wrong in getting that font - or the font is corrupt, or a million other things that need to be in place at that point in time.

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                                              Salmon Gram Level 1

                                              Last night I completely uninstalled CS6 from my machine and rebooted.  I then ran the cleanup tool per your recommendation, and shut down my computer for the night.  This morning, I installed CS6 again from the disc, and rebooted.  Once my computer came back up, I opened my Word file, and did a Save As to create a brand new PDF file to test.  I opened the file, went to edit to find any fields.  Once it found them, I again tried to insert a dropdown field only to have the program freeze completely once again.  I then force quit the program, rebooted, and did any and all updates for the freshly installed CS6, and rebooted again.  Once it was back up once again, I tried the same dropdown process with the same results.  Program froze up completely.


                                              Prior to coming back here though, I contacted Apple and spent a significant amount of time with them, having them go over my entire system to see if there was anything at all in my system that would or could be causing any issues.  They were unable to find anything at all in the system that could causing this.


                                              So, nothing has changed, and I am still having the same problems.  Is this form something I could attach here or send someone and maybe have them look at it and/or try to add the field?

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                                                Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

                                                I am sorry that this did not result in a working system.


                                                You cannot attach files (with the exception of image files) directly to this discussion thread, but you can upload the document to e.g. Adobe's Document Cloud, and then share the link here. Here is information about how to do that: Share Documents via Adobe's Document Cloud - KHKonsulting LLC