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    Playback issues with DVX200 footage


      I have started shooting a series on my new Panasonic DVX200 with the following video settings:


      FHD 1920 x 1080 / 50i / 50Mbps / MOV compression

      Very happy with the video but I continue to have playback issues as in jerky/jumps when I tried loading the rushes onto my timeline. I have tried various sequence settings (various codecs, resolutions, etc) but nothing seems to work! I also have said yes to "change sequence settings" to try and match the original footage... still playback issues.

      In the same timeline I loaded footage from an older Panasonic camera HPX370 and when prompted "change or keep sequence settings" I said change and the footage is smooth as... Any help much appreciated please.

      Xavier Quilambaqui

      TV Cameraman

      Wellington - New Zealand