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    Photos Not Imported Into LR5 in Numerical Order

    jerryp97433002 Level 1

      I've been using LR5 for some time now & do real estate photography, I shoot RAW in Manual Mode with a Sony A7II & flash. I will move from room to room taking anywhere from 3-5 shots per set up location, sometimes I get the exposure correct in the first shot & sometimes I need to take multiple shots to get correct lighting. Up until recently (like day before yesterday) I would import my images & they would be displayed below in the preview panel in numerical order that I shot them, 5 in a row kitchen, 4 in a row living room, 4 in a row bedroom, etc... I pick the best one, develop, export it, then stack the group & move to the next group of images, now my images aren't in order they are all over the place. I have to go through 75 images to find all the kitchen images & decide which looks best, this goes for every room I shot, random order. I have two shoots coming up in 2 days & this is really screwing up my workflow big time. Anyone have any thoughts as to why this is happening? I'm lost here