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    My photos keep disappearing from my folder!


      I was working on photos in a folder.  I opened one photo in photoshop, edited it, and saved it and came back to lightroom and the entire folder was suddenly empty.  It wouldn't synchronize or import.  It said the photos in the file were duplicates, but if I unchecked "don't import duplicates", it still didn't allow me to import or synchronize.  At a suggestion in another post, I noticed there were xmp files in the folder.  I deleted them.  That didn't work.  Same catalog...I checked.  Closed lightroom and re-opened.  Didn't work.  Finally got the update to download, and at that point it let me synchronize the folder, but I lost all the edits I had done all afternoon....I had spent a large amount of time culling the album down, and editing the ones I wanted to keep...all gone.

      I spent another hour trying to cull & edit the photos. I noticed some were missing so I tried to synchronize again.  It imported 17 photos that were missing that for some reason didn't the first time.  THEN ALL 700 OF THE OTHER PHOTOS WERE MISSING AGAIN.  If I try to import, it says they are duplicates.  I'M SO ANNOYED.  I've spent hours on this client Album and I"m back at the beginning YET AGAIN. Someone please help me.

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi CrystalF,


          Instead of re-importing the same images, you should do a search for those images in the catalog.

          In Library, select all Photographs under Catalog panel and try to search for one of the images by its filename.



          If you are doing extensive editing in Lightroom, you should take the backup of your catalog regularly so that you do not loose your edits.




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            dj_paige Level 9

            While I don't know why your photos disappeared when you edited the photo in Photoshop (they shouldn't do that), let me advise you to not try to import a photo a 2nd time (this never helps, it usually makes the problem worse),; and don't try to synchronize folders to fix the problem either (this never helps, it usually makes the problem worse).


            Instead, when Lightroom is telling you that the photo is a duplicate ... then what you need to do is find the photo in Lightroom. That is the only way to fix the problem. You can click on All Photographs in the Library Module (its on the left under Catalog), and the search for your photo by file name. Again, let me state that this is the only way to fix the problem and not make it worse. Once you have found the photo, you can then find the folder it is in according to Lightroom by right-clicking on the photo and then selecting Go to Folder in Library.