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    Color managed workflow with Slog3/SGamut3.cine XAVC footage


      PREAMBLE: I am very familiar with color managed workflow in general and in After Effects.


      What is the correct method to set up a color managed workflow with Slog3/SGamut3.cine XAVC MXF footage in After Effects?


      When I try to interpret footage on my Slog3/SGamut3.cine XAVC MXF source clip, the <b>Assign Profile popup</b> of the Color Management tab of the Interpret Footage dialogue <b>is greyed out and fixed on Rec709</b>.


      How can one interpret the footage to be the correct source color space?
      Is there some changes I need to make to the interpretation_rules.txt file?


      Failing that, what would be the correct way to apply Sony's SLog3SGamut3.CineToLC-709TypeA.cube LUT to the footage, given that the Rec709 incorrectly assigned to the clip has both different primaries and a different gamma than Slog3/SGamut3.cine color space?