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    Resolution of images on Indesign (Urgent response please!)

    cjayen33460094 Level 1


      Im having trouble with understanding resolutions. My portfolio will be going in for printing soon and need to check the image quality.

      When I scale the images to 100% (on indesign) they are small, they shouldn't be as they have been taken on a DSLR camera and haven't had this problem before.

      When I view the page on indesign (on high res view setting) their is no blur and the image looks fine.


      If the image looks fine when previewing (on high res) will it be okay when printed? or do I need to look at the PPI?


      One of my images

      Actual PPI - 240

      Effective PPI- 84 x 91

      Dimensions 1000 x 1504


      Need a response asap due to deadline.