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    REST API v5 Assignment Creation Roles?

    irisc79408657 Level 1

      I am using the "Try It" function for creating an agreements on the REST API documentation (REST API — Document E-signature Software — Adobe Document Cloud)


      But I am getting the error: { "message": "Valid recipient role is missing. ", "code": "MISSING_REQUIRED_PARAM" }

      and I don't understand what the recipient role is supposed to be like.


      The model defines it as:

      RecipientRole {

      SIGNER (enum): Signer,

      DELEGATE_TO_SIGNER(enum): Delegate to signer,

      DELEGATE_TO_APPROVER(enum): Delegate to approver,

      APPROVER (enum):Approver


      and the model schema have these default values:

              "recipientSetRole": {

                "SIGNER": "enum",

              "DELEGATE_TO_SIGNER" :"enum",

              "DELEGATE_TO_APPROVER" :"enum",

              "APPROVER" :"enum"



      what are the values that the recipient role expects? I can't seem to figure it out through trial and error...