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    Edit multiple photos at once


      I am very new to photoshop.. My wife is the one that works with it the most.

      She takes a lot of pictures and edits them in photoshop elements.  I heard that lightroom will allow you to edit multiple photos at once. 

      I couldn't get a very good answer from the online chat with adobe and my local officemax doesn't know very much about it.

      I am hoping someone on here will have some help!


      What are the main differences between lightroom and photoshop? do they work together? and will it speed up the editing time? instead of editing each individual photo, can you edit multiple at once?


      Any help would be appreciated!! thank you

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          dj_paige Level 9

          In Lightroom, you can select a photo, then edit it in Lightroom (for example, increase contrast, decrease saturation, etc.) and have those edits applied simultaneously to multiple photos ... however, you can't directly see the results of these edits on the other photos, you can only see the one photo being edited. You could switch to any of the other photos to see the effect of your edits on it.


          However, if you're out taking a lot of photos, editing them simultaneously may not be a good approach, you may need to edit them one at a time. About the only time editing photos simultaneously really makes sense is if the photos are all taken under relatively constant lighting conditions and camera settings. I say that because it is a limitation of Lightroom; rather it is a limitation of all photo editing software.


          Lightroom and Photoshop do work together. Lightroom is more of a workflow tool (organizing, editing, distributing your photos) with a powerful editor, while Photoshop is entirely an editor, and more powerful than the Lightroom editor.