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    Arranging My SSD Setup for Premiere / After Effects, Your opinions between Mushkin / Samsung PRO 850...?

    Andy Millman

      Thank you for taking time,


      I have i7-5960x coming in the mail, this will be a huge upgrade for me for CPU wise, and I am planning to install it on ASRock Extreme 4 x99 Motherboard.

      I have 64gb ram setup with Single GPU (Evga overclocked 980Ti) - I also ordered a ASRock Thunderbolt adapter extension to install at one of the PCI,

      with internal Samsung PRO m.2 pci 512 will be installed (and hopefully will work too!) for my OS/PROGRAMS;


      Now in the light of above information, (Please feel free to give some guidance if you think anything is going south over there)

      I have options of 3 Samsung Pro 850 SSD drives (1TB) each

      and also Mushkin Reactor 1TB drives coming from another system.


      Now since m.2 is planned to be only for Win 10/Programs setup, I was thinking to have 3 separate SSDs for Media (media that I capture) - Render (output) and Cache Disk

      now I know Samsung PRO ssds are highly preferred for 4k/video editing setups, but I do also want to save some money to change my monitor in the near future, so I want to return

      some of the Samsung SSDs if possible.



      I want to ask if I wanted on Board Raid 0 to increase the speed 1.5x times. should I do it for Media drive, or Render output drive or Cache Drive?

      which drive in terms of file management within Adobe Premiere and AE would benefit more and be more safe if fails in the top of my head I think It should be files that I can lose a days work if Raid hds crashes?

      I was thinking that I can keep 2xMushkin Reactor 1tb drives to do Raid 0 for that drive that you would suggest,

      and perhaps just have single Samsung Drives for others. I really would love to hear your comments; Again now I am sitting on quite a few drives but I want to save some money in the end since Sammy drives are quite expensive.



      Thank you ALL

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          take a look at the setup examples and info here Disk Setup


          the media drive will be most important. if you are capturing realtime into your computer, it will need a fast and steady drive as well. cache and preview drives don't normally need raid speed and can the data can be redone with premiere, instead of a backup. the number of drives will help increase speed by either raid or assigning each drive to a different task. it will depend on the media you are working with, to determine how much speed and capacity you need. some people may be fine with 2xssd raid for everything, some may need multiple raid setups and/or many more drives. that is why the samsung 950 pro is often recommended here, to replace multiple drive and raid setups when allowing with its limited capacity.

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            Andy Millman Level 1

            Yes I was reading different posts, I also read some info on BH Photo website. This is the first time I have a chance to use all SSD drive setup. I already had picked internal m.2 512 Samsung drive as programs and OS, in that link it is stated that Programs/OS Disk is very important.


            Now interestingly they suggest to put Media (captured media drive I suppose) and Project files can be stored in one disk.

            I have the feeling from reading and my lack of my experience on this issue still suggest;


            if I am gonna do RAID, to do 2x1tb Raid 0 SSD for Media Cache Drive, (now is this where Scratch Disk Files are created? cause I am reading also Adobe's guidelines, they scratch disks or am I confusing?)


            in another tweakers page article it is stated "keep in mind that the speed advantage of SSD's over HDD's is most noteworthy with the Media cache & Media cache database."


            so in that case is it better to pick that media-cache drive to do Raid 0 with 2x1tb SSDs over Preview/Export Drive, (I am going to be able to do only single m.2 for OS, Plus 4 SSDs Max, perhaps indeed 3 SSDs to save money ((in which case there won't be any Raid 0 just 3 separate SSD's next to OS m.2 drive...))


            What do you think?

            I maybe using Adobe After Effects more often with this setup,

            so I do remember reading AE may require a slightly different HD Setup, but I am trying to focus on actual Editing first,

            Thank you again,

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              tweakers page is a starting point for advice, but its general advice that may not fit your specific needs. some of the info on there was written for 7200 rpm drives.


              tweakers page states that its important to separate the os/apps drive from the media files, so that the standard tasks windows is constantly doing in the background doesn't interrupt read/writes to the media drive while editing. it goes on to say the os/apps drive doesn't have to be anything more than a sata ssd. the m.2 samsung 950 pro will only make windows boot a bit faster and open programs a bit faster, nothing else gained once they are open and running.


              scratch disk has several settings for captured media and rendered previews. some people do not use either and therefore their setup doesn't need a separate cache/scratch disk for premiere, and they can leave their cache on the os/apps drive. for AE, it will depend if you are doing disk cache. if you are then you would want a cache drive, which could be shared with premiere's preview render and scratch files.


              "media" on tweakers page and forums here, almost always refers to video files from camera's, not video files captured thru an i/o card with premiere or other software. if you are capturing footage with an i/o card, you may want to have a dedicated ssd for that, to make sure nothing interferes with writes to the drive.


              the media cache database files are like indexing files premiere creates to help speed up reading files while working with them in premiere. media cache is not the same as scratch/capture/preview renders. bill (forum member) has done lots of testing with drive setups, and also tested leaving media cache on a sata ssd used as the os/apps drive. he found it made no difference in performance. so no, you do not need to worry about raid for those cache files in premiere. if you are going to use the samsung 950 pro for os/apps, you can leave the cache on it too. you may even have enough space to use the 950 pro for AE disk cache and premiere render preview files too.


              all of this depends on the media and what will be done in the timeline, like captures, multi-cam, or preview files. the samsung 950 pro is fast enough to do everything, as long as it all fits on the drive. the 1tb 950 pro when released will see even more people with a one drive setup for everything. other people will be fine with just two sata ssd's, one for os/apps/cache and the other for projects/media. some will need more sata ssd's or pcie ssd's for increased speed and/or capacity to fit their specific needs.

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                Andy Millman Level 1

                Thank you Ronin Edits, I realize this issue came up with lots of times, and it is great of you to taking time,

                I have sent back Samsung 850 Pro ssd's back except 1 of them.

                I have now left with 3xMushkin 1TB and 1 Samsung 850 Pro 1tb SSD, (except m.2 Samsung 512gb for OS)

                I will probably do Raid 0 with 2xMushkin's for one of the sections, in the last message it was interesting for you to point out keeping media cache on OS Drive, but with programs and large pagefile.sys I am wondering how is that possible on a 512gb m.2 for me you know? I know you also mentioned perhaps m.2s only advantage on SSD is boot up time and running programs faster a bit.. but having everything on that little 512gb I am thinking I am going to run out of space in short time period.


                my media is not 4k yet, but in time that's what I want to progress into,

                I will study more your answers and decide, I know most people here would have kept all the Samsungs SSDs but it saved me so much money that way so I can buy a Decent Monitor with that difference!


                Thanks again, Let me know what you would do with the drives I kept above, would love to hear how you would set it up in Adobe programs


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                  RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                  fitting as much as you can on the samsung 950 pro will depend on how much previews and ae disk cache you are creating, the db cache from premiere will depend on your projects too. once a project is done, all of those files can be deleted to free up space for the next project. 512gb is a fair amount of space, unless you are also using it for storage like downloads. you can use regular hdds for storage and backups, to keep the 950 pro as free as possible.


                  storage is changing very fast these days, if you upgrade parts often, you may end up with new storage before the mushkins fail. if you plan on keeping them a long time, the endurance and long warranty of the samsung pro's may be worth the extra cost. the 850 pro's are also faster drives, for those that want/need the speed.

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                    Andy Millman Level 1

                    Thank you, I will start with everything you pointed out in mind. For me this is almost like learning to build a new system, hopefully it will be worth the time and effort once I get my Adobe system going.

                    I went with the 980ti which I am excited about. Thank you for taking time to explain and point me to the right direction!