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    Final Year University Project - School Automation System

    manofspirit Level 1
      Hello All,

      Im going to choose a framework for my Final Year Project. I actually intended to make a Desktop Application which will have nothing to do with online stuff. It will be a data aware application lets suppose a "School Automation System" like records of students, performance, results, teachers, salaries etc.

      Now i have two options only
      First to Choose Adobe AIR, as i feel comfortable enough to work with Adobe Flex and Actionscript 3.
      Second Choice is, Java, Which will take extra time for learning etc.

      So i want to ask you guys to suggest me whether Adobe AIR is suitable for me or not?
      I just want to built a data aware application, nothing to do with hardware interfacing etc.

      So do you guys think that Adobe AIR can be used to make a database application which will have records in GBs?
      What kind of limitations are here?

      Thanks a lot for your concern