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    Problem with RoboHelp use

    anubisascends Level 1
      I was wondering if any one had any information on the problem that I am seeing with Robohelp HTML.

      When I open a large project, the 'Wait' cursor is continuously showing. This is a new development, I have been using RoboHelp 7 on this specific computer for 15 months now with little issues (except what I had asked for help with previously, of course).

      I have noticed that while the Wait cursor is shown, the project manager (all pods really) is continually refreshing. I let my computer sit for 4 hours once to see if it just needed time to load everything, but it didn't help. If I close the pods, I still have the same problem. When I load a topic to edit, the topic keeps loosing focus while the pods are refreshing.

      This has rendered the program virtually worthless for me as I cannot create new topics and/or edit existing topics.

      Thank you for any help you can provide.