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    text autosize

    rohai Level 1
      Is it possible to make a individual text field height? Below is a code I'm training my flash skills on. The code dynamicly creates list of articles with a title and a short description. After a click on a title you get the full article, but this is not the problem now.

      As you can see from the code, the main (parent) mc is called menu_mc. To menu_mc is attached menu_item. Menu item is a movie clip symbol and includes a button, main_btn a dynamic text field species_txt and a dynamic text filed info_txt. The distance between article description is defined with this part of code:

      item_mc._y =(item_count * (item_mc.info_txt._height + item_mc.main_btn._height + 50));

      where item_count count items. What I'm asking is how can I make different spaces between article description? No matter what I do, it's always the same. And because the decsription are not the same lenght, it's doesnt look nice when you have a huge white space and in another case you don't .

      And yes, the info_txt does have info_txt.autoSize = true;

      Here's the code: