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    Text goes missing from library items


      Hi, can anyone please help on this?


      I'm working in Indesign CS4 (via a cloud server called DTI - Digital Technology International) and have set up an extensive library of graphics - many of them have preset text boxes with specific fonts in specific styles, effects and sizes etc.


      When I drag them to the page, some graphics appear with their text boxes empty.  It appears that pagespeed has defaulted some of those text boxes to Photo, so I tried reverting them back to Text, and they do revert back to text box status, but the text itself is still missing.  Since I have dozens if not hundreds of these graphics and text boxes, retyping the text back in is not something that I'm prepared to do until ALL avenues have been exhausted)


      I have found a workaround in which I drag the library item to a new page that is not assigned to a news plan, and then copied it back to the original plan.  But it's not ideal as a long term solution - does anyone have a simple fix for this?


      If anyone can advise I'd be extremely grateful.