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    Hi, i need clarification on Jpeg vs Raw and how using Lightroom 5.7 which i have, influences it. I will try my best at the question but will need to give you my understanding first, so be patient with me.


      So this how i see it


      Raw files are basically All of the picture details as taken by my camera, Jpeg are the Raw details  and converted by the software so as to enhance it in line with how Jpeg has been programmed to so.


      In doing so the Jpeg file looses some of the full details held if it was a Raw file and as such the size of the file/data is smaller as a result of the data not being used/lost.


      I guess i could call the jpeg process as a type of basic Lightroom. and its possible/probable that a jpeg file photo may look better than a basic virgin Raw file?


      Now, when i use Lightroom with my Raw file and make whatever changes to it, i have a changed raw file, of a larger file size (because it still has all of the raw data but manipulated in a way to meet my viewing needs).


      and here is the question, i can save the file in what i think is its raw but manipulated/enhanced type, or i can save it as a jpeg smaller file size.  jpeg version


                when saving the file as a jpeg does saving it mean that there is a further change to the file?




                or does the jpeg file "look" the same as a picture vs  the modified raw file?


      i hope you understand my question and can appreciate why i ask this and i look forward to any help/clarification.


      kind regards


      Valdemar Papiernik