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    Have  STAMP editing question for Adobe Acrobat X Pro

    JohnnyBQue Level 1

      I created a STAMP that consist of 5 circles and a short message stating "control STAMP here" (see below). The STAMP is to be used by my Inspection Dept. to stamp Drawings and to stamp a particular "color" into the circle each time a process is performed during the manufacturing process of parts. The problem that I'm having with the stamp is to have it appear at a particular size when called. It always comes up small and has to be "corner dragged" to enlarge it. Some of my inspectors can't determine how large to make it in order not to have the ink "inspection stamp" not to bleed out into the adjacent circle.


      SO the question is how can i generate a 'STAMP" that stays the same size as the image I use to create the stamp? I've used different file types (tiff, jpeg, jpg, bmp, png etc,) this seems to have no effect. the stamp remains to come out very small


      Inprocess stamp3jpg.jpg