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    LR6 Standalone purchased and CC2015 on 3 computers


      Hi Folks.


      I have a purchased licence for LR6 and I've also just subscribed to CC2015.


      When I subscribed to CC2015 I upgraded my PC and Laptop LR6 installations to CC2015, I would now like to install my standalone version of LR6 on a 3rd computer (different catalogues). When I unzip Lightroom_6_LS11.exe download and execute the install it logs me in to CC and installs CC2015 but, as I already have 2 installations I'm asked to logout of all my other installations of CC2015 (I did and I hope I've not screwed up my other installations:-(.


      Whichever way you look at it, seems I've wasted my money on LR6 (or CC2015) or is there a way have both installations.


      Thanks in advance.