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    Problems with fonts

    Begadoc Level 1

      I DTP the village parish magazine using Indesign, Print booklet (using Adobe PDF to produce the PDF file, and send that to the local printing shop. They use my file to produce plates for their duplicator.

      This month the PDF apparently was not producing the plates properly due to a problem with the Times New Roman font. The file displays properly on screen, This is the message I got from them -


      I really think its our platemaker which can't cope with any new software / typefaces. The only way round it is a new platemaker, which isn't feasible due to their extortionate price and we don't have the workload to justify a new one. I can only think of saving all text as curves, then to pdf, which should work no matter what.


      The TNR font I am using is the standard Windows one. The one with a large O icon next to it, not a TT icon.While my printer shop admits responsibility I don't understand is why there is a problem as neither of us has changed anything and there has not been a problem before. Has an update changed anything to do with fonts?

      Apart from that, how do I produce the text as curves PDF they request?

      Sorry, I realise this maybe should be in a different forum - it overlaps!

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. You should always proof if your fonts are embedded. If so, no problem should occur.
          2. You must not convert text in curves in InDesign. I repeat you must not do that as it causes huge problems in the design graphic as you will loose content. Never do that. The only one single purpose is to use text as graphic frames, that is what this function is made for. Nothing else.
          3. If the printer requires outlined fonts (as he should not do so), use Adobe Acrobat for that: Adobe Acrobat Pro > Print Production > Preflieght > PDF fixup > Convert text to outlines
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            MrTIFF Level 3

            The best, most robust, highest quality method, by far, of creating PDF from InDesign is to use InDesign's Export to PDF function (File > Export... > Adobe PDF (Print)).  (Make sure that the option to embed fonts is selected.)  If you do this, there will not be any need to convert a font to outlines.


            The problem, of course, is that you are using Print Booklet to rearrange the pages into correct Booklet (saddle stitched) order; and Print Booklet, being a Print-dependent featurette, must use a print driver to create print-driver-ish PDF, and doesn't use any of InDesign's Export to PDF functionality. 


            But there is another way to convert your village parish magazine to Booklet order: use an InDesign booklet-making script. The script creates a new Booklet-order .indd file, which you can then Export to PDF directly.  See, for example, the free script at "http://sterlingcomputing.com/make-booklet-2016.html". (I am the author.)   With this approach, you don't use "Print Booklet", you don't use "Print", you don't use Distiller, and you won't need to convert anything to outline fonts.