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    lightroom to photoshop round trip causing small files

    Danby Training


      I have starting using PS a lot more the past 6 months but noticed that my final LR exports are only coming out around 2-3MB? eek


      I do most of my editing in LR (including small crops) and then bring it into PS to patch anything, remove any redness, sharpen and then bring the image back into LR. I then export out of LR at 100%, 300 ppi, no file or size restrictions. I didn't notice it until last night, so I went back to Sept and all my files seem to be like this. Prior to using PS my images would export out approx 6MB-15MB.. I meant to take a screen shot of my Lightroom external file handling but forgot. I think I have it set to TIFF's - is that right? I started panicking that I turned something on in camera that is limiting my file sizes but it seems to be all good, still on original RAW settings. I'm stumped.. (From some further tests it looks like if I do any cropping - even just a teeny tiny crop resulting from an image straighten it decreases my images a lot. do you crop after your PS edits?)


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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you using Edit in Photoshop or Export, then manually using Bridge/Photoshop to work with photos in the Export folder?  The term “export” means something precise in LR so don’t say Export if you’re using Edit In.


          Are you starting with raw files or JPGs out of the camera?


          Basically you should be sure and clear about what you’re doing including what file formats you’re using.  What you’re seeing may be perfectly fine or there may be something set wrong, somewhere, but we can’t really tell you what to do different or where to look if you can’t tell us exactly what you’re doing, and in telling us, maybe you’ll notice what it is you’re doing different, already.


          Screenshots of file-types and sizes both in LR and PS would be helpful along with any settings used to produce the files that PS is working with.

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            Danby Training Level 1

            Thanks for the reply ssprengel.

            I'm using the "edit in" feature, sorry for my "adobe" terminology faux pas . I do my LR edits on Raw files (DNG), then select "edit in" to move the image over to PS. I do my PS edits and use the "save" function to have the image brought back into LR.

            When it's back in LR, I select Export (sRGB, JPEG, 100 Quality, 300PPI, no file/size restrictions). I am exporting to an External Hard drive. When I do this round trip the Jpegs are exporting around 2-3MB in size.

            I have my LR external file handling set up as TIFF - is this correct?

            I don't have a snapshot just yet, as I'm working from another location then my home computer.


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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              How large JPGs are depends on the pixel dimensions (unchanged), the quality setting (maximum), and the compressibility of the image, which varies with how smooth or rough the image is, where sky is smooth and grass is rough, and high-ISO has artificial roughness due to the noise-grains from the sensor, sharpened images are rougher, noise-reduced images are smoother.


              As an example of how image roughness determines image files size, here are two artificial images of 100 megapixels (10,000x10,000) I created in Photoshop, one as smooth as possible where every pixel is pure white, and one that is as rough as possible using 100% color noise in Filter / Noise / Add Noise:


              I saved each of the two images are a maximum quality JPG and a TIF with LZW compression.  You can see that the rough images are several hundred MB while the smooth images are a few MB even though they are all four 100 megapixels:

              Normally JPGs compress smaller than TIFs, but it turns out that in this extreme case of a single pixel value for the entire image the lossless compression used with a TIF is better than the lossy compression used as a JPG, but both images are very small as compared to their rough counterparts.


              What I'm trying to illustrate is that the size of a high-quality JPG depends on how smooth or rough the image detail is.

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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                When the TIF file returns to LR what is the size of the TIF? You can view that in the library module in the Metadata section.

                What is the size of the original DNG file?


                All of that will have an effect on the size of the returned TIF and the exported JPG file.

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                  Following. I am having the same issue.