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    importing swf file within a mc button

      I have a mc button within a mc button, on the second button I trying to open a external swf file. how can I do that?

      I am somewhat new to flash, so have a detailed description of what to do would be great thanks.
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          clbeech Level 3
          when using AS2 you cannot 'read' events that occur on a child clip of a parent that has an event handler (ie. onPress, onRelease, etc.)

          in this case you need to use a method such as hitTesting within a loop the child clip once the exterior event handler has been invoked, such as with a drop down menu.

          there are several posts here with code solutions to this problem, i know that i and others have posted. search the forums for this issue and you will find the solution codes needed.
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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Generally, if you have a button within a button, the outer button will not allow the inner button to work.

            Also what do you mean regarding "open a external swf"?