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    Master page items moving in IDML file


      Hi guys,


      This has become a huge problem for me lately. It is happening with every file that I create and was not fixed when I trashed the preferences.


      My production team is still on CS6 while I am on Adobe CC 2014. In order for me to send them my files for printing, I have to save an IDML file for them to open. I send them the packaged file with the fonts/images/pdf/INDD file/IDML file. When I open my INDD file, everything looks perfect. When they open the brand new IDML file, the master page items have shifted on the page.


      MY VIEW: (Adobe CC 2014 INDD File)

      Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.29.13 AM.png


      CS6 VIEW: (Opening IDML file from CC in CS6)

      Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.29.40 AM.png

      If you can see, the corners/page numbers/safety are all being shifted up and to the left. This is only occuring on pages 'based' on Master A. Master A is fine but all of the others have this problem.


      Tried resetting the preferences: Didn't work.

      Tried making sure that 'Enable Layout Adjustment' was NOT checked: It is not checked on any of the files.

      Tried overriding the master page items on MASTER A and applying them directly to the offending pages: they were placed correctly. This is a temporary solution that we have been using just to get these things to print.

      Tried recreating the master pages once I have the IDML open: Works. I created a new master page 'based' on Master A, transferred all the other design elements over to the new master by copy/paste, and then applied the new master page to the numbered pages. The problem did not occur. This is a good solution for smaller files, but for files that are 150+ pages, this would take a HUGE amount of time.


      But now we are creating templates for other designers in CS6 and we need these to behave correctly when opened as an IDML in CS6. Otherwise we will need to recreate all of these on a copy of CS6, along with a multitude of other files. I've scoured the forums and other websites and have not seen a single other person have this problem. Does anyone have any solutions/suggestions to try?


      Thank you so much for any help!