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    Is it possible to use Interactive Edge OAM files within Captivate (Responsive Format)?


      Hello All -


      The graphic designer for my project has created some animated Edge OAM files that end with simple interactive activities, but when I import the OAM files into Captivate and publish the project, the on-screen clickable buttons (at the end of the OAM file) that should activate text for a topic are not working. Is there a way to overcome this so a student can click on the buttons and they will "play" (activate the text associated with them)? There is no audio associated with the buttons. Maybe the button needs some sort of specific coding within Edge? Or maybe I need to import the OAM file a different way. Or maybe someone that is a programmer needs to alter a JS file or some other file of the published version. I've written the folks on the Captivate board as well for assistance, but I'd appreciate any assistance someone in this community may be able to provide!!