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    Help with draggable Panels

      Hi All,

      I am making some panels (3x3) which are draggable. When I drag a panel over another panel these two panels must swap from place. Therefore I use the DragManager.

      On the mouseMove event I call a method which does:

      if (_model.mouseIsDown) {
      var dragsource:DragSource = new DragSource();
      dragsource.addData(panelData, dataFormat);
      DragManager.doDrag(panelWin, dragsource, event);

      But this doDrag function is different from the startDrag() function. With the startDrag function the Panel is visually dragging instead of the doDrag function which only can show an DragImage while the Panel itself stay's on it's own place.

      What I want is to drag the Panel itself when I drag it (not an DragImage) and when I enter another Panel(box) these Panels must swap with a cool Move-effect.

      Can anybody give me some help or hints on how to do this?

      Thanks in advance!