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    Adjustment Brush for 5.7.1

    JackOlson Level 1

      Adobe Lightroom Version 5.7.1

      I have been experiencing instability problems with my copy of Lightroom 5.7.1.  The program is prone to locking up during certain editing sequences as follows:

      1. 1.     Photos being edited are CR2 (Canon Raw).
      2. 2.     The typical photo being edited contains one or two persons who are my prime interest, surrounded by several spectators who are not desired but were included in the shot.
      3. 3.     In the Develop Module, I frequently initiate the Adjustment Brush to fill in the form of the spectators to darken them and provide isolation from my main subject(s).
      4. 4.     Often I am forced to use the zoom feature or the Crop Overlay tool to expand the work area and get the Adjustment Brush into small areas of the photo.
      5. 5.     Once finished with the Adjustment Brush, and as I exit from the zoom/crop overlay mode, the program enters an unstable state.
      • I still have use of the computer, mouse and keyboard.
      • I can leave Lightroom and go to other computer functions/programs.
      • Lightroom will not acknowledge mouse or keyboard commands.
      • I must click on the “X” to force the program to quit.
      • A window opens to inform me that the program is not responding and has stopped working, do I want to Wait or Quit?
      • I select Quit and the program shuts down.
      1. 6.     Upon restarting Lightroom, I can see that the zoom mode is no longer active and the photo is back to the desired size.

      In December(2015), I upgraded to a new laptop computer and had to have Adobe send me new copies of my licensed versions of Lightroom 5.7.1 and Elements 10 to install on the new computer. My new HP Envy laptop computer is running Windows 10, with 16 gig of RAM.

      The problem was observed while using my old laptop and the previous versions of Lightroom 5.7.1. I don’t believe the problem is in the computer, I think the program is becoming stuck in a loop from which it cannot escape.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Are you doing lots of brush strokes on an individual photo, or just a few?

          What happens in the situation where Lightroom seems to be not responding, if you wait an extended period of time, say 5 minutes, does Lightroom begin responding again?

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            JackOlson Level 1

            Thanks for the reply dj, I have attached a photo showing some of the areas

            that I'm using the brush. In this photo, I have isolated the spectators to

            blacken them and I have isolated the gunfighters to highlight them, so

            there are two areas in this photo that have been worked over with the brush.


            When the program (Lightroom) stops working, there is some repetitive

            activity that shows the program is trying to recover, but I have left the

            program run for several (15) minutes without success. The problem does not

            occur as I'm using the brush but only after I quit the brush and try to

            reset the photo to it's original size. The program is not completely locked

            up, but it is unable to recover.


            It would be easy to duplicate the problem if you tried it on your own

            program. I am reluctant to opt for the new version 6 of lightroom if this

            problem still persists.



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              dj_paige Level 9

              You can't attach photos via e-mail, you have to attach photos via the web interface.


              However, I don't really need to see the photo, I do need a clear answer to my question: "Are you doing lots of brush strokes on an individual photo, or just a few?" I am not asking about the amount of area that is brushed, I am asking about the number of different brush strokes, are there a lot of brush strokes, or a few?

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                JackOlson Level 1

                There are a lot of brush strokes.

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                  dj_paige Level 9

                  This is a known drawback to brushing (and also spot healing). If you do a lot of brushing, you bring the hardware to its knees, it can't keep up.


                  Speaking for myself, and not speaking for Adobe (because I don't work for them), the non-destructive editing technology they have invented is really a wonderful thing, except in the case of performing a lot of brushing and spot healing, where the technology fails.


                  Some suggestions:


                  1. Do the brushing and spot healing as the next to last editing step; the last step being to turn on the lens corrections (if you use them)
                  2. Do the brushing and spot healing in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
                  3. Get a faster CPU if you want to do this in Lightroom (no guarantee that this will help)
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                    JackOlson Level 1

                    Thanks for your help dj, I guess that means that the current version

                    (cc2016) is still prone to the problems.