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    How can I activate a checkbox if data has been entered in a different text field?

    TelcoCook Level 1

      Hello. I would like to use four check boxes in a form, each of which will activate (check) if data has been entered into four separate form text fields on a different page in the same form.



      Page 1 will have a question such as... How many apples did you eat last month? "text1" = 3

      So, since the user answered 3 in form "text1" field, "checkbox1" should now be checked on page 2.

      ... and so on for the other three.


      Note: The answers to the questions will all be as a number. If the user enters 0 (zero) then I do not want the check boxes to activate. So any answer greater than zero will check the checkbox.



      Follow up question...

      Is it possible for an entirely different form text field to be visible or not visible (with default read only text) based on the status of each checkbox mentioned above?



      "checkbox1" will have a text field next to it named "date1"  with a hidden date. If "checkbox1" is checked (due to the actions above) then the date will be visible.

      ... and so on for the other three.



      Thank you so much!