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    Editing Export as Projector.jsfl Flash CC 2015


      Our company does a lot of automated builds with Flash, to do this we run all kinds of dynamically created JSFL files. In Flash CS6 and below we can save a .fla file with publish settings for exporting as a .swf and a Windows projector file and just tell the file to publish using a JSFL. Now in Flash CC and above you can no longer do that. When Flash CC integrated the Export as Projector.jsfl file they obfuscated the code. The old Export as Projector.jsfl file that is online, which they created theirs from, no longer works in Flash CC 2014 and 2015. I need to make an Export as Projector.jsfl that works in Flash CC 2015 that will create a Windows Projector file that my build server can run without my interaction. Does anyone out there know a why to make this work? It's weird that the Convert to Other Document Formats.jsfl and the Export as Projector.jsfl both have obfuscated code when the rest are not obfuscated.