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    PRE:s compatibility - Playstation 4


      Hello Everyone,

      Let me convey that it's interesting to learn more about the possibilities of Premiere Elements.

      I have been researching the following, but have not found an answer yet. Can you help me please?


      Background: I am designing a workflow for my Premiere Elements 9 (later this year I will migrate to version 13) - and posses the following specification for Playstation 4:


      • Blu-ray Disc
        • BD-ROM*1
        • BD-R/RE (BDAV, BDMV)
      • DVD
        • DVD-ROM
        • DVD-R/RW*2 (video mode, VR mode*3)
        • DVD+R/RW*2
      *1 Hybrid discs are supported.
      *2 AVCHD is supported.
      *3 CPRM is supported.



      In connection with video and PRE, the terms H.264 or AVCHD are mentioned. However in the PS4-specification only AVCHD is stated. As it is hard to grasp the difference between H.264 and AVCHD - I need ask the following questions:

      (1a) Can Premiere Elements 9 produce a result - AVCHD on DVD-disc - which can be shown on a PS4 (in accordance with the above specification, and connected to a TV PAL 16:9 1080p)?


      (1b) Can Premiere Elements 13 produce a result - AVCHD on DVD-disc - which can be shown on a PS4 (ditto conditions)?


      (2) How to you go about it (example: what are the Export settings, etc in PRE 9 and PRE 13) when the target TV is PAL 16:9 1080p? Can you describe this for me please?


      (3) I have been using DVD/MPEG-2 until today. Right know I have a problem with differentiating between H.264 and AVCHD - on a practical level (and in connection with PRE). Can someone skilled here teach me please?



      As always, thank you for your cooperation!

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unfortunately I do not have any experience with PS-4. Nor with PRE9.

          1a) Yes E9 can make an avchd disk but if its compatible I don't know. You will have to experiment.

          1b) E13 has issues with burning BD disk, so I am guessing an AVCHD disk will also give problems.

          2) Export to mp4 would be the prevered route if the carrier is a flash drive or media player.

          3) AVCHD is a format developed by Sony and Panasonic. Its is a format used in video camera's (mts and m2ts). This format is compatible with Bluray (like an AVCHD-disk which is in fact a Bluray video burned on a DVD-disk. AVCHD (mts/m2ts)does not need to be converted to burn to Bluray, but other formats do.

          AVCHD also uses the H.264 codec, but so do other formats like mp4 and mov.

          Hope this makes sence.

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            Black-White-Night Level 1

            Hello Ann and Everyone,

            Nice to  meet you.
            Thanks for your answer. I appreciate.
            1) I am familiar with DVD/MPEG-2. However as I am new to H.264 and AVCHD (and learned that the later is a variant, see below, please feel free to state if that is not so) which variant is the one PRE 13 makes?

            "AVCHD Sony and Panasonic took the parts they liked about H.264 and called it AVCHD (MPEG-4 Part 10 AVC+HD). The key differences between AVCHD and H.264 is the former supports Dolby AC-3 encoding in addition to LPCM, and is limited by a total bit rate of 24 Mbps."


            2) You touch upon the PRE 13 problem regarding burning ISO!
            That is bad news, of course.
            - Are there some work-arounds to solve this? What are the alternatives?
            - Can you still burn directly to disc or to folder in PRE 13? If so, do they work okay?
            Thanks again for your previous answers.
            Let is see if we have some members here that have used the PRE 13 and PS4 combination in the OP (original post) which I am aiming at now.