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    Banner is shorter than rest of the page, but only when maximized


      I'm taking a class in Web Technology and we are using Dreamweaver as our web tool. We are using three device sizes, mobile, tablet and desktop. My pages all show correctly when viewed in each device size. I've noticed that while dragging my browser window wider, past what I assume is the width of what is considered desktop view, the banner stops growing. But, the remaining page content continues to grow, though only about a quarter inch before all the content stops extending.


      So, I'm curious why the banner stops growing (I'm assuming its reached its full width) and the remaining content, including the footer, will extend another quarter inch or so before it stops.


      Image where banner fits with page:

      Banner fits with page.jpg

      Image where banner comes up shorter than rest of the page:

      Banner comes up short.jpg

      Thank you