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    Resizing characters


      The menu to adjust character sizes vertically and horizontally has disappeared. I don't know why this keeps happening. Last time I was told to "Use the flyout menu of the character pallet to select 'Show Options'" That worked. But this time it's not working. When I click the flyout menu on the "Stroke/Color pallet, it just hides and shows that pallet. And when I click the flyout menu on the Character Styles/Paragraph" pallet, all that comes up is a new menu "New character Styles, Load Character styles, etc..." So I went to an InDesign help website and they said to go to "Windows - Types & Tables - Character" "Character" does NOT show as an option however... I'm about to lose it. Please help. I'm sure it's simple. I just want to see and use the dialog box that makes letters taller or wider or sentences wider or narrower or allows custom spacing between lines. Please be detailed because I am no computer wiz. Thanks!