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    indesign cs5 quits unexpectedly if i close indesign


      Like some other people too, I have the problem with quitting Indesign and Illustrator CS5.


      I have a new iMac with El Capitan and will install Creative Suite CS5 on it.

      After reaching to install the CS Programms and update them ( It was difficult, because there was the message, that the update cannot close. I should try later)

      I tried also the trick with the application manager. But the second update failed, so I search all updates in adobe forum and installed individuality.

      Now I have the problem with quitting If I close the programms.


      For the last 5 hours I source through Adobe Support Forums for answers and nothing helped.


      Every time I try to close InDesign, I get the "InDesign quit unexpectedly" message. Crash report - Process: Adobe InDesign CS5 [719] Path: /Applica - Pastebin.com


      I would tried to replace the preferences but the pathways that were suggested do not exist on my computer.

      I was searching a preferendes folder and changes the permissions of some of the included files to "read and write". The whole preferende folder i could not change to "read and write" because the system says I have no rights. I didn't know how I can change this.


      I have not acitve the autoactivation plugin of my fontmanager suitcase 6.

      On El Capitan its not possible to delete the system fonts like its possible e.g. on mountain lion / snowleopard etc.


      OSX is updated, all Programms are updated.


      Thanks for your help! ;-)