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    imported audio cut off in the publish


      This is a new one (to me anyway!)

      Normally I record and edit all my audio in Presenter, but I'm working on a course where I'm using imported audio on slides. The import went fine. I did my editing in Presenter, which went fine, as expected. I added our corporate standard of .5 second of silence at the beginning and end of each slide. All great.

      But when I publish, the last second or two of audio at the end of the slide is getting cut off in the playback.


      Normally, I'd have all bullets on click so the narration and the audio would be synced up, but in this case, because the speaker is talking to the bullets rather than reading them verbatim, I opted not to have any animations on the bullets, so all content enters at the same time and then the audio plays. That's when I noticed the problem.


      I tried setting bullet 1 on each slide as "after" then subsequent bullets as "with", but no joy. I also tried setting all the bullets to "on click" and having them enter in that half second of silence before the audio starts, but that's not fixing the problem either.


      Any ideas?