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    SSD, performance and Adobe CC

    przone Level 1

      The advantages of an SSD over a mechanical hard drive are clear when booting etc...

      But which part of Adobe CC will benefit most from me using an SSD?

      I'm interested to know, because that will influence which option I choose...

      1. If there is little improvement
        Small SSD boot drive - Mechanical for data

      2. Decent improvement
        Large 2.5" SSD - use NAS for storage

      3. Amazing benefits
        Large M.2 drive


      Any thoughts much appreciated...


      ...but I am looking for 'Hard facts and figures' - not 'anecdotal'




      Link to a site which shows the improvement when rendering a 30 minute video (mechanical drive Vs SSD)


      I've looked, but there seems to be very little data available


      Help please!