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    What pixie dust / glow particles would you recommend for YouTube's bad compression?




      So I've made this video: Zig - YouTube

      • H264, 720p, target bitrate 15, max 30.
      • I use Maximum render quality


      And it's clear that the pixie dust I've used is very laggy (or at least on some computers/internet connections). I've tried four different computers/connections and they all lag. A few of my friends don't.


      I was wondering if I could do something about the dust so that i doesn't lag? Smoothen it, blur, anything.


      Or maybe you have a "bulletproof" way of making particles that won't lag?

      - I care a lot about quality, so I'd like all my viewers, despite CPU/internet connection to have somewhat the same video. I'd hate that 50% saw it lagging. Then rather leave the particles out.


      Thanks for any help.