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    Character scaling

    slice4444 Level 1

      The menu to adjust character sizes vertically and horizontally has disappeared. I don't know why this keeps happening. Last time I was told to "Use the flyout menu of the character pallet to select 'Show Options'" That worked. But this time it's not working. When I click the flyout menu on the "Stroke/Color pallet, it just hides and shows that pallet. And when I click the flyout menu on the Character Styles/Paragraph" pallet, all that comes up is a new menu "New character Styles, Load Character styles, etc..." So I went to an InDesign help website and they said to go to "Widows - Types & Tables - Character" "Character" does NOT show as an option however... I'm about to lose it. Please help. I'm sure it's simple. I just want to see and use the dialog box that makes letters taller or wider or sentences wider or narrower or allows custom spacing between lines

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          You have your text tool selected - and top left you have the "A" and not the paragraph icon - right? Also, maybe try resetting your window/workspace/advanced or /reset advanced. It's window/type & Tables/Character NOT Character Styles - that is something different.

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            slice4444 Level 1

            Correct! There is an "A" on the top left. That whole header menu looks different than it used to. I tried clicking Windows > Workspace > Essentials but it was already checked and did nothing. So I tried "reset Essentials" - that didn't work. There is no "advanced" option to select.... When I click Windows > Types and Tables the options are:


            Conditional Text

            Cross References







            There is no "Character" or "Character Styles" options... But yes, I want the "Characters" dialog box back and while I'm at it I'd like the old header menu back too...


            I don't get it but this is frustrating.

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              amyrainbow1 Level 1

              I assume you tried quitting INDD, and restarting your computer? Start a new document - try to use "advanced" for the workspace.

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                slice4444 Level 1

                I may have restarted the computer because I had updates to install.


                So ok, I started a new document.... When I click "Window > Workspace" These are my options:


                Untitled (which is checked)




                [Interactive for PDF]

                [New in CS5.5]

                Printing and Proofing]


                Reset Untitled

                New Workspace

                Delete Workspace


                There is no "Advanced" option

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Is there a Show All Menu Items at the bottom of the main Window menu?


                  Have you tried trashing the prefs? See Replace Your Preferences

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                    slice4444 Level 1

                    If you mean the header menu, I don't see any option

                    "Show All Menu Items..." Where on the bar would that be?


                    And yes, I trashed the preferences by hitting ctrl, alt, shift when I restarted InDesign. It trashed everything but didn't resolve the issue.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Show all menu items should appear a the bottom of any menu list that is set to limit the displayed choices as part of a workspace.


                      It's sounding like there's a problem with the program installation. Does it work if you restart the computer, logging in with a different user account?

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                        slice4444 Level 1

                        I'll try restarting it. I am the only user on this computer so there is no other account

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          Make a new account. This is an important diagnostic test. If things work in a new user, then the problem is in the old user files, not the program itself.

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                            slice4444 Level 1

                            OK I will try.... I don't really know how to do that. But hopefully I can figure it out.

                            BTW I found the "Show Full Menus' option under Windows>Workspace. But it isn't highlighted so I can't click on it