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    Can i automate the output preview window in Acrobat XI?

    Matt Finlay Level 1



      I'd like to setup a single click solution for soft-proofing in acrobat XI, that enables my users to do the following:


      1.) open output preview. 

      2.) configure the settings (select a specific profile, ensure simulate overprinting is on, enable simulate paper colour).

      3.) enter full screen mode.

      4.) either hide the output preview window, or re-colour it so that it is darker, as the colour of the interface is lighter than the white point of one of the profiles that i want to simulate...


      Is it possible to achieve this through java script in the Acrobat console or do i need to develop a c++ plugin?


      any tips, advice or useful links would be appreciated as i have not developed anything for acrobat before.