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    Willing to pay for a simple animated history timeline template for after effects.


      I'm  looking for an AE "history timeline" template for educational purposes. I tried making a project myself but I give up. I was inspired by Evan Abrams who put out this tutorial.  After Effects Video Tutorial: 3D Timeline Animation - YouTube I tried and tried but can't make it work.


      Need a simple 3d template that I can use over and over. I don't want slick corporate look. Linear. No bouncy bubbles, no waves, no gimmicks.


      6,000 bc - 2020 . ticks for decades, centuries and mellenia. Ability to place at least 10 photos and comments in various places along the timeline. If there is someone who either can do it or could point me in the correct direction I would appreciate it. I have no idea what I'm doing obviously. I live in dayton ohio and would be willing to drive, find a napkin, and draw it out for you if necessary.:)


      No idea what this should cost. I may be in way over my head here.


      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Michael Siler