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    How do I fix Quicktime Glitches?


      Hello, I am animating a video for YouTube on Flash CC 2015. When I export the movie on Flash so I can make a .mov movie, the video renders incorrectly and looks all broken. I used Media Encoder but that does absolutely nothing. Is there a way I can fix this error from ever occurring again? Do I need to reinstall Quicktime or is there a way where I can change the Quicktime settings on Flash? Please respond!


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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I would make sure you're up to date with QuickTime (I'm guessing you're on Windows, because on Mac QuickTime is part of the system, you wouldn't need to reinstall). I think the latest version is 7.7.9:


          Download QuickTime 7.7.9 for Windows


          What program were you using to view the video?


          I would turn off the option to go via Adobe Media Encoder, and try uploading the MOV to YouTube. Even if your machine shows it corrupt, YouTube might make sense of it.


          One other thing, if you include this line of AS3 in the first frame of the timeline, it will significantly improve the quality of the final video:


          stage.quality = "best";

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            sheenufilms Level 1

            Sorry for not responding quickly. But I really appreciate that you responded to my post.


            I am currently using Windows 10, so I am using Quicktime 7.7.8 or 7.7.6 to view my videos.

            I did turn off the Adobe Media Encoder and put the code in the timeline.


            These errors are usually no concern to me, but when I put in these supposed corrupt files into Adobe Premiere, the completed project was shown with the glitches. Is it possible to change the Quicktime settings elsewhere, or should I just update Adobe Flash Professional to Adobe Animator?

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              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              What we're talking about should work in recent version of Flash Pro too. Are you able to export a short MOV and put it somewhere for me to see? I want to check what Codec is being used.


              In the Windows exporter I think you get a lot more options than I do on Mac. If you do, you could go into the options and try to find an H.264 video codec menu item. Try exporting with that.