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    Exporting file to mov. finale video, darkened?


      As I was trying to export my video and went to check on how it looked it, only to find out the colour is darkened than in the editing stage:

      For instant:

      Editing Stage                                                                                          Finale Video



      Is there a reason why it does that, I'd tried finding the problem but can't seem to find it?

      Is it because of the publish setting?


      or export setting?



      Please help me?!
      Thank you

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          In the Flash publishing settings, change the sound compression to the best you can find.


          In the QuickTIme settings, instead of using MPEG-4, use H.264. For the H.264 settings set it to two pass, and the highest data rate you can get away with. If this is going up to YouTube, try 10000 kbps. The key frames can be set to Auto.


          There may still be darkness issues, which is a gamma related problem. I would hold off on worrying about that until you see the YouTube version playing, it may look ok.