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    InDesign Question: Is there an app or tool that allows writers to dynamically edit content and have it update in an InDesign layout?

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      Hi Community,


      My question is this...what is the best tool to use that allows content writers on my team to write their content, edit and update it, AND link it with my InDesign layout.



      I work in a marketing department as a graphic designer, and I receive files in word format from my product marketing team who writes content for our brochures and datasheets.

      I then go ahead and do the layout to end up with a final PDF for printing and for use on our website.

      The content they write for me also gets shared with my colleagues in the web team, who uses the content to put on the web as well (with our CMS).


      My workflow now is:

      1. Content team writes content for layout in Word documents.
      2. They send me the word doc...I do the layout with InDesign.
      3. I export a PDF draft and send it back to them for review.
      4. They review in Acrobat, adding commentary and edits with PDF comment tools.
      5. They send me back the commented PDF, and I make the edits in the InDesign file accordingly.
      6. I create a second PDF draft for final review (hopefully).
      7. They make MINOR EDITS in the PDF (as comments)...send it back again to me for final changes.
      8. I make the final changes...export the final PDF for Print and another for the web.
      9. DONE


      This system works for us for the most part, but where the problem lies is that the ORIGINAL WORD DOC IS COMPLETELY OUT OF DATE ..the content is outdated, has been changed, and doesn't reflect the latest version.

      It would be great if my web team could pull content from the Word file (or another content format) that is up-to-date. Currently the latest version of the PDF is where the web team needs to copy content from.


      Back to my QUESTION:

      Is there a better tool for the content writers to use that can tie their edits to the layout in InDesign and update the InDesign content dynamically?

      I'm not sure what the better tool or workflow would be for this? Should the content writers still work in Word? Or something else?


      I'd love to head from anybody with experience with another workflow or recommendations for a tool/app to make this easier.

      The only tool from Adobe I'm thinking is InCopy, but I really don't know much about that app.