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    [Bug report] lightroom ignores photoshop mask properties

    lyrgh Level 1



      when using the edit in photoshop command from lightroom, working in and then saving from photoshop it saves as a .tiff and shows up automatically back in lightroom. (as expected)

      Now, if you used the mask properties panel in photoshop to set densitiy and feathering for layer masks non-destructivly, theses settings will not be respected by lightroom when it reads the .tiff.

      Effectively, masks are treated as though the mask properties settings in photoshop were 100% density and 0.0px feather.


      By quick google search, I couldn't find this to be mentioned somethwere, thus I would assume this to be a bug.


      Please note, I noticed this in the current build of Ps and Lr. (as of 01/29/16).

      No idea if this may have worked in earlier versions (wasn't using Ps mask properties really with Lr/Ps roundtripping)


      If this is not supported, please let me know.

      If it's actually a bug, please forward and as always please leave a quick note so we know this has been seen.