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    Problems with DNG files generated by my Lightroom 6

    josanmu Level 1

      Good Morning.I appreciate it if someone can help me with a problem. When I convert to DNG images Raf generated with a camera Fujifilm X30, the attempt to open them from Windows Explorer, the browser is closed automatically, simply by opening the folder in which are contained the images. This has begun to happen to me since August 2015. With the converted files not previously occurred to me, nor with those generated with my Nikon D7100, whether they are. I installed the codec package for Windows and the problem occurs with both Windows 7 and Windows 10. I have now tested the Fast Picture Viewer Pro 1.9 application and, similarly, when I try to open the folder containing the DNG, the application is closed.

      I will be very grateful to anyone who can give me a solution.



      Thank you.