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    Data Merge Question


      I sometimes use the data merge function of Indesign, normally for small mailings. I've come across a problem I can't figure out a way around. It is hard for me to explain so I will use an example. A customer wants a person's name followed by title on one line separated by a comma.


      <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>, <<Title>>


      Easy enough, but what if some do not have anything in the title field. You end up with "Name, ". An undesired comma remains.


      I also use an edoc system to do variable data templates for online customers. It allows you to group text so that certain text will not show up unless that field is used. It is separated by brackets there. For example, I may make a template for a business card. Some of the people from that company have a fax number on their cards. Some do not. Inputting "fx <<fax field>>" would give "fx" followed by customer input for fax. If they didn't input something for the fax field it would just leave a stray "fx " that you wouldn't want to be there. In this case I can use {{fx <<fax field>}} which groups the "fx" text with the field. If nothing is entered by the customer for fax the "fx" will not appear.


      So, back to example 1. Is there a way in InDesign to do this where certain text will only show up if a particular field has a value entered?


      I appreciate any assistance with this question because I run into this problem frequently when doing merges.