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    Find and replace GREP

    samuelf80274044 Level 1

      I am looking to format a document with a lot of this format


      (g) If an organisation wishes to run a line station, then it must have enough B1 and B2 certifying staff. This means that they must have enough staff who are B1 and B2 licence holders and who have undergone a qualification process allowing them to release aircraft back into service after maintenance has been carried out.


      and would like to remove the initial letter in Parenthesis Paragraph Style Normal  and apply Paragraph Style Letter List.


      If i apply the new style I still have to manually remove the letter in the Parenthesis.


      I tried the Grep ^\([\l\u]\) I also have quite a few letters in parenthesis in the document so need to search only for this at the very beginning of the paragraph. as it is legislation.


      Any help would be much appreciated as i have basically just made up the GREP without a clue what I'm doing, i'm learning albeit rather slowly.


      Thank you, sorry it is confusing i'm here for questions.