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    Windows 10 Adobe Digital Editions E_STREAM_ERROR

    trumphodge Level 1

      This morning my ADE doesn't work, trying to download an epub from Overdrive. There was a Windows upgrade overnight, maybe related, maybe not. I "upgraded" to Windows 10 a few months ago and had an issue soon after with ADE, and ended  up "solving" it by installing version 3 instead of the newer version 4.


      Now that workaround seems to have failed. I uninstalled and reinstalled versions 3 and 4.5--neither works properly.


      When I try and download a new book from Overdrive, I get an error "Unable to download. Error getting license. License Server Communication Problem. E_STREAM_ERROR."


      With 4.5, thumbnails from existing books in the ADE docs folder show, along with expire date, but won't open. Nothing new will download. With 3.0 I can open existing books but can't download a new one.