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    Adobe Premiere Elements 12.1 - how to change speed of a row of fotos on the timeline?


      (Adobe Premiere elements 12.1.) I think I've been through all possible explanations in the Adobe help-videos, the www, and You Tube. etc.,but I'm still too stupid, having not grabbed the answer yet.  I'm new to this, and it's just not working for me. If I manually drag the vertical red line along the timeline, then the individual photos shows on the masterscreen above, but they are almost gone before I get to the next. If I press the play-button instead, the red line is advancing well enough, but always the same speed on the timeline, but to slow down or expedite the speed of the cloud-photos as I have brought to the timeline I need an explanation. Are there anyone here who can/will cut it out in 5 mm steel plates for me?  Ps.  It's not a normal video, it's 190 photos of clouds taken with my interval-o-meter, just to learn "how to" in Premiere Elements



      BTW. I was stopped on my previous effort to get an answer (in danish):  You are not allowed to question here - or something alike!  Why?