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    Cannot purchase LR6

    ericv78884214 Level 1


      There is no way I can buy Lightroom 6 (standalone, upgrade from 5). Adobe's website keeps telling that I am in the wrong country, although my profile shows "Nederland", where I am currently located. Adobe's website is in Dutch too.

      Why does the system:

      - not give more info about the supposedly not-matching countries?

      - forces the user to understand the local language? (I am a French speaker working in the Netherlands: language and country should not be associated.)

      Much time lost on this.

      Another point of importance: I used the trial version of Lightroom CC to check its new features. I need to be sure that the edits I made with CC will show in LR 6 after install.

      See screenshots below. The second one shows that the country in my profile is Netherlands (bottom left).

      How can I purchase LR 6 easily?

      Capture d’écran 2016-01-29 à 18.40.30.png

      Capture d’écran 2016-01-29 à 18.40.47.png