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    Adding Bates Numbering to Multiple PDFs


      Hello.  We are experiencing a new and odd problem in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.  When we are attempting to add bates numbering to a batch of five pdf files, we receive an error:


      "This object already has a container.

           Document: [doc name]

      Did not save.  Save would require overwriting existing file

           Document: [doc name] "


      Once the bates numbering is complete.  Only two of the five are created.  The three that were not were Gmail emails that were converted to PDF.

      We did not check the box for Overwriting in the Output options window.

      Chose Replace file names...

      and chose to target a folder on our computer.


      We checked to Shrink the file...in the Appearances Options window

      Then, Insert Bates Number and added our format.


      The oddest thing about this issue is that one out of the five or six times I tried it, they went through.  This takes a lot of time that we don't have.


      Any ideas why we would be getting this error?  We have done this hundreds of times at our firm and never had an issue.  Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide.