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    Effects disappear in adjustment layer???


      Hey Guys,


      I have been up all night animating video footage frame by frame using the paint tool. However when i paste the paint effects into an adjustment layer ( to export the animations  as a transparent video)

      there is no preview and the paint effects cannot be seen?? I have used this method countless before, and still works inside an older project

      The effects are 100% inside the adjustment layer as i can see the brush stroke "transform" options have been added in the timeline, however nothing can seen inside the preview window???

      The fx tab is also enabled


      I simply just wish to get the animations into a transparent comp and export out as a transparent video, to then match the animations with the video again in Premiere.

      My only other option so far has been to paste the animations inside a solid layer, but i cannot remove the black back round?

      Im sure this is a minor fix- am i missing something ??????? PLEASE HELP???


      Adobe After Effects CC