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    All CC programs unresponsive

    wgdesigngroup Level 1

      Yesterday I need to use CC on an iMac which wasn't licensed. So I chose the option to uninstall license on other computers, then used CC on the Mac


      Today when I open my PC, (Win 7), all CC programs open but freeze. Although the application open to the start screen, I cannot access menus, open documents etc. They are unresponsive and I have to force them closed through Task Manager.


      I have logged out of CC, re-started the computer, logged in again to CC - still the same.


      I uninstalled one of the programs (Bridge) then re-installed it - still the same.


      I removed the licence from the iMac. So at that stage, the PC was the only computer licensed - no joy there. 


      On my MacBook, when I re-activated the license, all programs work properly.


      I just need to get CC working on the PC


      Any suggestions?