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    Awesome features desperately needed, clip speeds and audio tracks


      adobe clip for the iPhone is great but it's missing some key features to make it a piece of software I can use instead of others...

      IF I shoot something on my iPhone 6s is love to be able to do all the basic editing on my phone without taking it to Premiere CC


      Basically I should be able to capture images and video, edit them into something I can upload and then post it.


      1. We can't change the speed of slow-mo clips shot on the iPhone, speeding them up is desperately needed.

      2. Visual LAYERS, give us layers to overlay text and/or images

      3. Audio Layers, let me add more than one audio track And change the volume of it, I may want to throw in a voice over "like adobe voice" or iMovie

      4. Make it MUCH better than iMovie


      if I could do that I'd be able to rough cut a comp before I bring into CC or I can post it straight to social media!


      please make xmas come early this year